We are the world market leading company producing gearsensor.com. We would like to introduce a brand new product to you.

Drive unit based on a combination of Japanese motor hardware design and Czech electronics as controller hardware/software, including gearsensor.com with gear position indication.

Technical description

Drive unit, based on a combination of Japanese motor hardware design and Czech electronics as controller hardware/software, including gearsensor with gear position indication. Drive unit is deeply integrated with a new generation of gearsensor.com with gear shifting indication.

This unique technical solution allows:

Variable time of motor torque reduction while shifting. It is performed on the basis of current gear position and specified parameters in combination with system data collecting. This solution makes it possible to minimize time of the of motor torque reduction during the gear change, while it is also preventing motor from restarting before the gear change is finished. Shifting parameters are defined by rider via display input, according to rider’s individually preferred pedaling cadence and several shifting time parameters values.

Recommend to the rider optimal moment to change the gear position. Based on the optimal usage of the electric motor's efficiency combined with other data collected from the system. The effect is to save battery energy, namely the elongation of the riding distance per one battery charge. Advice is done in the form of graphic arrow symbols showed on the display.

Display the information about the gear position on the display screen.

This drive unit moreover offers sensorless sinusoidal field oriented control programmable controller, which allows e-bike manufacturers to tune system behavior by setting various parameters.

Modular specification system allows customer to create specific drive unit according to his individual requirements. The customer can put together a final drive unit specification by selecting the following optional items:

C17 167,18 mm x 252,07 mm, 3,8 kg
C18 145,84 mm x 221,3 mm, 2,6 kg (MY 2019)
rated power 250W / 36V or 48V / peak torque 80Nm
rated power 350W / 48V / peak torque 80Nm
with or without torque sensor
single or double chainwheel
freewheel version or coaster brake version
plastic motor covers in city or sporty design, different color variants
three types of displays

Unique functions

  • 1. Variable time of motor torque reduction while shifting.
  • 2. Gear shifting recommendation.
  • 3. Information about the gear position on the display.


  • UART


  • Battery 2 poles, display, speed sensor, lights 6V, one or two gear sensor, throttle.


  • 1. VHD-S18-LED, eco level side LED display with integrated control buttons. Just in combination with standard gear sensor.
  • 2.VHD-C17BV, center display, gear position calibration, shifting parameters input, gear change recommendation and gear position on screen.
  • 3. VHD-S18-LCD, side LCD display with integrated control buttons, gear position calibration, shifting parameters input.


  • - gearsensor with gear indication function, for rear and front shifting system
  • - speed sensor
  • - cable harness
  • - crank arms alloy forged, L:170mm, incl. capless bolts, Q factor 180mm
  • - single chainwheel steel (38T,44T) direct mount, for chaincase
  • - single chainwheel steel (38T,44T) with alloy CNC chainguard, spider BCD 104mm
  • - double chainwheel (48T alloy CNC/36T steel, 44T alloy CNC/32T steel), spider BCD 104mm
  • - frame motor bracket, material alloy 6061
  • - drive units exclude battery
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C17 Sporty design

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