The complete 2020 range of the Czech-Chinese company was presented at Eurobike 2019
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Already in the run-up to the Eurobike, we reported on one of the most compact e-bike C19 , which is new to the portfolio of COMP Drives 2020He clearly aims at the Fazua Evation drive in terms of competition, compared to which he seems at least equal in terms of compactness and power output. We looked at this and the other drives on site.

Like the Fazua drive, the COMP Drives C19 replaces the bottom bracket, but as a complete unit it is flanged from the outside to the frame and not internally mounted in the frame. Furthermore, COMP Drives does not provide any batteries in order not to restrict the e-bike designers on this point. The system is compatible with either 36V or 48V batteries, and COMP Drives can assist with the implementation of a suitable BMS when needed.

A unique feature of the drive is the mechanical decoupling in the off state or exceeding the Abregelgeschwindigkeit. This should then let the pedelec drive just like a conventional bike, apart from slightly increased weight.

COMP Drives 2020 C19

According to the manufacturer, the system covers all catenary standards, even a double sprocket is not a problem. As a minimum Q-factor, the company specifies 160 mm. The weight is 2.6 kg, the installation width at only 64 mm and the maximum torque at 60 Newton meters.

Next is a detection of the switching process using the GSGI system ( connected, which is not surprising, since its manufacturer Agentura Repro and makers are actually synonymous behind COMP drives. The system is expected to be implemented in the best possible way and should also still be able to be customized according to the wishes of the user.


In addition to the latest drive, there are other motors already available on the market that are already being used by various (mostly Czech) bike brands. In addition to the C17 , which is available in a city version and a sporty variant, there is still the C18 drive, which is also quite light at 3.0 kilograms. All three engines have a torque of 80 Nm.

In addition, the company produces various displays that are optimized in different sizes and mounting points. The variants with Bluetooth can be connected via Bluetooth with the user's smartphone and thus use the added value of the smartphone app by COMP Drives.

Developer: COMP DRIVES, sro
Price: Free
  • COMP DRIVES screenshot
  • COMP DRIVES screenshot

Here, the user can extensively adjust the settings of his e-bike system and also use additional functions such as the recording of trips or soon also GPS navigation. Also a possibility for diagnosis and service is provided.


The COMP Drive C19 drive system makes a very interesting impression. We are curious to see which manufacturers are using the drive for the first time. In any case, we will continue to monitor the company and its products and keep our readers up to date.

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