Mid drive unit C19

New COMP DRIVES design of mid drive C19:

c19 rr smw
- mechanical resistance elimination
- width 64 mm, weight 2,6 kg
- power 250 W / 36 V or 48 V / torque 60 Nm
- covering all chain line standards
- minimal Q factor 160 mm
- gearsensor model GSGI with gear shifting indication
- patent pending


Time schedule of C19

- April - May 2019 prototype testing done
- test ride is available since end of May 2019
the first public indroduction:
- Eurobike Show, COMP DRIVES booth A1-510, September 04 - 07/19
- mass production starts during end of 2nd quarter 2020
c19 rr detail smw

COMP DRIVES C19 concept provides:

- compact design, extremely small dimension (motor width is only 64 mm) and light weight approximately 2,6 kg (w/o chainwheel)

- the highest level of integration into frame thanks to extremely narrow section located in frame down tube. The motor design allows short rear stay the same as required by classic road racing standard. All shifting / brake / drive unit cables are hidden inside the motor bracket and the frame down tube.

- covering all existing chain line standards, for road racing double chainwheel 45 mm, MTB single and double chainwheel  50 mm and 52 mm, internal gear hubs (IGH) 46,5 mm and 48,5 mm, fat bikes 65 and 75 mm

- ISIS BB axle length 136 mm

- Q factor in a wide range 160 mm (crank arms offset 0 mm) / 170 mm / 178 mm / 186 mm / 220 mm (depending on crank arm offset)

- single or double chainwheel option (thanks to the gearsensor.com, model GSGI, which allows functionality of a double chainwheel as on a normal bicycle)

mechanical resistance elimination as solution for road racing e-bikes and e-MTB where speed over the 25km/h limit is common 

- to be used with whole range of e-bikes, from sporty to city e-bikes as well

- low noise

- gearsensor.com model GSGI with gear indication, exclusively just for COMP drive unit. One GSGI for RD/IGH or two GSGIs in case RD + FD. Sophisticated communication provides variable time of motor torque reduction during shifting performance with the possibility to set time values (parameters) by end user according to rider preferences.

COMP DRIVES does not offer the battery, because we do not want to restrict e-bike designers. 36V and 48V batteries are compatible. Smart BMS communication can be developed as custom made.